Apple vs Corellium

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

After I read the article from 9to5Mac, it seems for me that Apple is suing Corellium for obvious reasons and Corellium is trying to rally other people and instigate those people against Apple, pushing the blame away from themselves. Corellium charges money for Apple’s software and hardware, that is profiting with Apple intellectual property and infringing Apple’s explicit copyright statement.

Back in August, Apple opened the lawsuit with the following:

Corellium explicitly markets its product as one that allows the creation of “virtual” Apple devices. For a million dollars a year, Corellium will even deliver a “private” installation of its product to any buyer. There is no basis for Corellium to be selling a product that allows the creation of avowedly perfect replicas of Apple’s devices to anyone willing to pay.

For Corellium’s part, Amanda Gorton, CEO of Corellium, wrote:

Apple’s latest filing against Corellium should give all security researchers, app developers, and jailbreakers reason to be concerned. The filing asserts that because Corellium “allows users to jailbreak” and “gave one or more Persons access… to develop software that can be used to jailbreak,” Corellium is “engaging in trafficking” in violation of the DMCA. In other words, Apple is asserting that anyone who provides a tool that allows other people to jailbreak, and anyone who assists in creating such a tool, is violating the DMCA. Apple underscores this position by calling the unc0ver jailbreak tool “unlawful” and stating that it is “designed to circumvent the same technological measures” as Corellium.

Apple just opened the Security Bounty to everyone. It would be contradictory if they would be shutting doors for security researchers, app developers and jailbreakers just now.

It looks like this fight has been going on for a long time now, and it’s far from being over.

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