Blinkist Minute Has Passed

Friday, 13 December 2019

Blinkist is saying goodbye to one of their great features: The Minute. I’m an avid Blinkist user and the Minute was one of the steps of my daily routine. From the Minute, I could easily add Books in Blinks to my library so that I could dive in to them later on.

Over the last three years, we created over 850 Minutes in English and more than 550 in German. We love the content, we love creating it, we love sharing ideas and most of all, we love the dedicated pool of readers and listeners who used the Minute as a way to explore the Blinkist library.

The feature was first introduced as a daily e-mail and then moved into the app, making it even more convenient for the users. Now that the company seems to be aiming for larger goals and it is going separate ways from the Minute.

Here at Blinkist, we strive to learn and grow. We’re discontinuing the Minute so we can better focus our efforts on creating new and exciting content just for you.

I’m excited for what comes next!

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