Time's Best Gadgets of the Decade

Monday, 16 December 2019

Nominating the best gadgets of the decade must have not been an easy task. There are so many devices being released every single day. But what put them apart from the rest is their uniqueness and how it can change and how it becomes part of our daily lives.

Apple iPad: When it was announced, jokes emerged with it, like the giant iPhone. The fact is that the iPad opened a whole new range of possibilities, having that extra space. It was a hybrid between phone and computer. Look at the iPads we have today, none of them wouldn’t be here if it was by their predecessor.

Raspberry Pi: The card-sized computer is also a highlight because it makes programming accessible at a very low cost. It was originally designed to teach coding at schools, but it behaves just as a normal Linux computer. So the imagination is the limit. It’s heavily used to create smart homes, my own included.

Google Chromecast: The piece of tech was built with the prerogative to make any TV smart and that you could cast content from your phone or computer. The possibility to carry around this in your pocket was mind blowing back then when it was released.

DJI Phantom: This one also created a whole industry around. It made expensive shots, those ones made exclusively by helicopters, affordable for any content creator to do where and when they wanted. Before the regulations, of course… The drone industry is one of not so many ones that evolve at a very fast pace. It felt like those remote-controlled toys that we used to have as children, but with a purpose.

Apple Watch: This wearable broke into the market to be a really daily companion, from telling us our next appointments, announcing the weather and making us pay more attention to our health, by asking us to stand, move and work out. It analyzes our sleep, measures our heart beats. It also can turn into an ECG right on our wrist. It’s the best gadget on this list.

Apple AirPods: It should be renamed to “It Just Works”. The easiness to carry a pair of those with their lightweight long-lasting battery case around, and then pop them open, put them on your ears, take them out and put them back on, starting from where you left off feels so good that a place on this list was guaranteed.

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