AirPods Pro Bluetooth Latency

Monday, 23 December 2019

Sephen Coyle:

They drop from 274ms to 178ms going from the first to second generation, and the AirPods Pro take it down even further, to 144ms. While a 130ms reduction may not seem like a lot, the perceptual difference from this makes the AirPods Pro tantalisingly close to seamless.

Keyboard clicks are near enough to their corresponding keypresses that they feel like they’re actually related to them, not just the cacophony of blips they had seemed before.

This is really interesting and noteworthy. I wish the tests were ran also with Powerbeats Pro, which are currently my go-to headphones, after returning the AirPods Pro for they kept falling from my ears, issue that I didn’t have with the first and second generations.

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