Making an Indie App This Year

Friday, 3 January 2020

One of my resolutions in 2020 is to release a new app, after a couple of years without making one and with a focus more targeted to the open source community. Now they paths have been swapped.

I don’t have any ideas just yet.

I decided to use an old Apple ID of mine to enroll it in the Apple Developer Program, because my former Developer Apple ID is linked to Brazil and I didn’t feel like changing it to Europe due to a little bit of bureaucracy. However, when I tried to add two-factor authentication to this account, it wouldn’t let me. Apparently I have to wait three days if I change some big thing.

When changes are made security settings on an Apple ID, such as security questions reset or password change, this can delay the Two Factor Authentication process.

What I did was simply resetting the security questions that I didn’t remember. But guess what? To enroll an account in the Developer Program you need to have two-factor authentication enabled for your account. Therefore I cannot push code to a device until then.

These things are confused, just like logging in on iCloud using a browser and getting prompted for the six-digit code right on the computer you are using to log in. Very secure!

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