Daughter by Apple

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Once again Apple casts Hollywood to put iPhone 11 Pro to work. This time, Theodore Melfi (director) and Lawrence Sher (director of photography) collaborate to produce a sensitive piece, with Zhuo Xun as the leading actress.

The story is about a mother who has to figure out ways to take care of her child and face unfinished issues with her mother.

Lawrence Sher is one of the big names in the spotlight for this year’s academy awards by his applause-worthy work in Joker. Theodore Melfi was the director of the movie Hidden Figures, nominated for The Best Picture in 2017 Oscars.

The iPhone 11 Pro is a storytelling tool. It makes me feel that anything is possible. So write a story, reach in your pocket, grab your phone and you show us how you see the world.

Here you can see the making-of.

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