Meet With Apple Experts: Your Personal Dev Coach

Wednesday, 4 October 2023

Remember those super insightful sessions with Apple experts that used to be a WWDC exclusive or reserved for companies of big apps that Apple wanted to have the latest features? Good news, those opportunities aren’t confined to that week-long event anymore! Apple is bringing that expert consultation vibe throughout the year with both online and in-person sessions.

Whether you’re perfecting your existing app, or brainstorming the first lines of code for a brand-new project, these are your go-to sessions for expert advice. And keep an eye out—new sessions are being added every month!

So, if you missed out during WWDC, here’s your chance to catch up. Check out this link to request a one-on-one consultation for App Review and this one for design and technology consultation.

This is like getting a VIP pass to an all-year-round WWDC. 🤩

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