Release the Mac Pro

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Apple just started to sell the new Mac Pro that was announced back in June.

If you go now to YouTube, you will find a lot of videos of unboxing and first (or even second) impressions. Highlight for MKBHD, Jonathan Morrison and iJustine. The reviewers have been using this piece for around two weeks and only now the embargo has dropped.

They didn’t even receive a maxed out Mac Pro, but by the videos, the performance that you can extract of this machine is really impressive. MKBHD compared the performance of transcoding, rendering and exporting a 5 minute 8K video clip using Final Cut Pro on his MacBook Pro and it took 20:08 to complete, on his iMac Pro it took 11:56 and with the new Mac Pro it took “only” 4:20.

The currently maxed out version of the computer alone can cost over US$ 53K, with AppleCare+ of course. There’s still more add-ons with a “Coming Soon” tag that might increase the price a little bit more. Undoubtedly this is not for everyone, but who really needs it and can afford it can make the most out of the investment.

There’s a inside joke in the programming world: Swift compiler is slow, even using the new Macs. Now there is a new joke around that says that we have finally a computer that can compile Swift in a reasonable amount of time.

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