Taking an iPhone and a Canon on a Trip

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

The last week I was in New York City, with a layover in Toronto, for vacations and brought along my tiny (yet powerful) Canon 200D with a Canon 24-105mm f/4 L version lens that I rented on Grover for such a good price and my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

If you ever meet me in person some day, ask me about how we ended up in Connecticut before our AirBnB in NYC, or how we got into a normal car while waiting for our Uber.

The trip was really enjoying. NYC is lovely and lively! So much to do in so little time that we had.

I was impressive to finally corroborate on everything I was hearing about iPhone 11 Pro Max’s battery. It endured the whole day! This includes me taking pictures, requesting Uber rides, navigating through Apple Maps and posting pictures on social medias.

Comparing the pictures, I decided not to care much about the technicalities of the device I’m taking them with. The crucial downsides of the Canon lens were the weight and the size. It’s massive!

If my end goal is posting the picture on Instagram or Twitter, an iPhone is just fine, although I really enjoy taking quality pictures.

So if I don’t have an actual DSLR with me like in a business trip for example, then yes. On the other hand, If I do plan to have a DSLR around, then I will mix them both, as iPhone has a better out-of-the-box dynamic range, night mode, an ultra wide lens and equipped with a video easy recording for social media; whereas a DSLR can have sharper and more detailed pictures.

Here are some of my favorite unedited scaled-down pics of this trip.


Toronto iPhone Pro Max 11 Night Mode

New York Skyline iPhone Pro Max 11


Liberty Statue Canon 200D

Central Park Canon 200D

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