Less than 24 hours for #DubDub2020

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Tomorrow 23rd WWDC takes place. This time, due to Corona crisis, it is going to be fully online and in a more democratic fashion, so to speak.

Here is my humble wishlist for dub²20²1:


  1. Unified playlist – be able to listen to a podcast episode and add a music from Apple Music to play next, then play a book-in-blinks from Blinkist after
  2. Vertical split screen
  3. Split Screen on iPhones
  4. Choose default applications for maps, mail, browsing, and so on
  5. Xcode for iPads – there have been a lot debates around it, but why not? iPads Pro have overcome MacBooks in perfomance benchmarks for a while
  6. Custom apps on Control Center
  7. Custom apps in lock screen shortcuts – rather than flashlight and native camera
  8. Dedicated Dictionary app
  9. Rotation Lock config – choose apps to ignore this config like video and camera apps
  10. Helper Menu on iPad
  11. Multi-user support on iPad
  12. App Store to send push notifications when trial is about to end or to renew subscription – not just when the subscription price changes


  1. Sleep mode
  2. Alarm unification with iPhone
  3. Keyboard – emoji, swype and all of that
  4. Third-party API for watch faces


  1. Nothing really


  1. Support for Google’s 4K video codec

All Platforms

  1. Safari to have a context menu option to open a link in private mode from a non private tab
  1. I know that dub²20² is not mathematically correct, but sounds like fun when you think about “20” as a string.
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